Moving in the world of real estate requires a lot of energy and skills

For this reason, projects and wishes need someone who can understand and interpret them.


Over the years and with a lot of work we have developed a deep knowledge of the market and we are always in touch with other experts in the sector to provide realistic assessments and give clear and professional answers.


We perform a thorough analysis of each property in order to present every detail in the best possible way and assess its potential both for the seller and the buyer.


We take our time to get to know the customers’ expectations and understand them well, so that we can give the right advice and make them feel at ease in every stage of the sale.

Zelo Real Estate was founded in June 2021 and is rooted in the 10+ years’ combined experience of its partners

Some data from the last year

26.4 millions

the value of the real estate transactions we managed

39 transactions

completed, including both residential and commercial properties

122 people

who reached their goal with our support

Some of the real estate transactions that we managed or that we are currently handling

Luxury residential properties, stunning locations for the tourism industry and solutions for companies.

  • Residences Borgo Santa Colomba

    Still for sale
  • Real estate initiative Trento in Vista

    year 2022
    assignment value 9.000.000€
  • Villa Buonconsiglio in Trento

    Still for sale
  • Villa Anna in Valbrona

    year 2022
    assignment value 1.365.000€
  • Villa Opicina in Trieste

    Still for sale
  • Chalet Marin in Alta Badia

    year 2022
    assignment value 3.625.000€
  • Flat in Novaline

    year 2022
    assignment value 450.000€
  • Flat in Garzano

    year 2022
    assignment value 339.000€
  • Flats in Fai della Paganella

    year 2022
    assignment value 600.000€
  • Chalet La Ila in Alta Badia

    year 2021
    assignment value 3.400.000€
  • Villa Miramare in Duino

    year 2021
    assignment value 2.650.000€
  • Flat in Trento

    year 2021
    assignment value 220.000€
  • House in Meano

    year 2021
    assignment value 680.000€
  • Flat in Rovereto

    year 2022
    assignment value 387.000€

Zelo is made up of professionals who love their job

We combine our skills and experience to give you professional and practical answers.

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